About Pre-Med

PRE-MED are a 5 piece rock band with strong leanings towards Space, Progressive & Psychedelic rock.  We play original music written by band members past and present - there may also be an occasional Hawkwind or Motorhead cover.  Please anticipate getting seriously beamed-up during a PRE-MED performance.

Danny Faulkner began PRE-MED in 2004 as a studio based project which morphed into a live band. "Medication Time" was released in 2005 followed by "The Truth About Us" in 2007 and "Einstein's Day Off" in 2013.

Roll of Honour - Past band members

Danny Faulkner Vocals, Drums, Keyboards, Composer & Lyricist

Martin Faulkner Lyricist

Alan Davey Bass, Vocals, Rhythm Guitar and Keyboards

Lewis Turner Guitar

Eamon O'Neill Guitar

Jason Stuart Piano & Synthesiser

Steve Leigh Keyboards & Synthesiser

Keith Hill Drums

James Hodkinson Keyboards & Bass

Dan Thompson Drums

Phil Oates Guitar

Andy Teszner Keyboards & Synthesiser

Dave Saunders Bass & Backing Vocals

Ashman Robinson Guitar

Simon O'Connell Keyboards

Becky "Boosh" Summers Lead Vocals

Rick Burtonshaw Drums

Mark Piercy Bass

Danny left Pre-Med in 2014 passing leadership to his Bassman Dave Saunders.  Dave recruited Ash, Simon, Becky and Rick during 2014/15 and relaunched the band.  Multiple gigs followed including The Forum, Tunbridge Wells and The Carlisle, Hastings also several festivals including Sonic Rock Solstice, Hastrek and Stonehenge, "Prescriptionised" was released in 2017.  

Tragically both Dave Saunders and our Number 1 Fan

Kim Summers lost their battles with mental health problems and died in December 2018. It has been devastating to all of us - no words to describe.

Deciding to carry on with PRE-MED was felt to be the best way to honour and cherish Dave and Kim's memory. Rick took it on and recruited Mark to play Bass. The new line up played at HRH Prog Festivals in Sheffield and Shepherds Bush 02 

At time of writing in March 2020 some big changes are in the works.


Continuing to misquote Bones or was it Spock?

"It's still PRE-MED Jim, just not quite as we knew it"

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